ErgMate Work Log 10/25-10/26

I’ve been making great progress on ErgMate

o sorted out bug lists – I found I had a Palm memo, Progect file, and spreadsheet all with defects and notes in them. Finalized on an Open Office spreadsheet for defect tracking, a palm memo for the work log, and a pdesk/progect file for structured notes.
o added preview and save of music/cox clips from ClipsDialog
o cleaned up mp3 tag info not present bug

o moved slideRatio calculator from python prototype to C++ wrapper. I had forgotten just how much quicker it is to code in Python. It would be better to leave higher-level calculations in Python, especially if they are not ocurring on every update.
o added new coaching clip ‘Slide Ratio’

Ambient Pink-Floyd mixes are wonderful background music for early morning coding sessions.

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